This is why we do responisve web design

I just wanted to share this image, the top 50 (out of 151) different screen sizes that have visited this little blog. This is one of the main reasons for doing responsive web design.

(Click for full image)

Some interesting observations:

  • Many variants of 320: 320×480, 320×452, 320×401, 320×450 etc. Devices has different height, but it also comes from different webviews of applications such as Twitter and Facebook. Remember that height matters.
  • 0x0. This “screen resolution” is forgotten by many developers. It probably comes from apps like screen readers and robots.
  • 30720×768. Not sure what’s going on here, but I Googled it and it seems quite common. I doubt that it is a physical screen, anyone know what it is?

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Anders M. Andersen

Digital Project Manager and Front End Developer.