RESS in peace

I just finished another talk about “RESS – Responsive Web Design + Serverside Components” at #DDayConf in Helsinki.

If you are on a flash enabled device, you can check it out at the Prezi site.

If not, you can look at the slides at Slideshare:

Responsive images + server side components

People, I’m sorry. I know we do not need another post about responsive images, but I got inspired to try another responsive images approach after reading the article “Responsive Images: How they Almost Worked and What We Need” by Mat Marquis on A List Apart. My approach is to use the proposed <picture> tag and implement it using server side components.

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Responsive embeds – device testing

I recently wrote about responsive embeds and how you can scale video and iframes to fit on a responsive website. I have now done tests on some mobile devices, and the results are pretty good for the responsive embed technique; but not so good for the content inside of the embed…

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Device detection vs. Feature detection

Comparing Server side device detection and Feature detection is like comparing a hammer to a screwdriver. You can probably get a nail in a wall with a screwdriver and you can probably get a screw in a wall with a hammer. In this post I will try and explain by example how you should use device detection together with feature detection and that they are not to sides of the same coin.
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