About this site

This is a demo site that shows how we can use server side together with responsive web design techniques to optimize the experience. The site uses three techniques:

  1. Responsive images - A device with a small screen will get a smaller image, a device with a larger screen gets larger images.
  2. Ads - Smaller ads are displayed on smaller screen, larger ads are displayed on larger screens. Look at the Google adsense ad at the top of the site.
  3. Conditional Content Inclusion - The Twitter and Facebook social widgets are not included for small screens. Try to load the site in a small browser window versus on a large browser window.

Try to resize the window and reload the site at different sizes to see how it all works!

Device detection

Capability Value
Is mobile? Nope
Device Robot Bot or Crawler
Viewport width 800
Resolution width 800
Pointing method mouse

Feature detection

Capability Value
Screen width px
Touch screen
CSS animations

RESS capabilities

Capability Value
Width 1440
ImageVersion 770